Increase Max Bench Press

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Hello fellow athlete, powerlifter, or bench press enthusiast,

I put this bench press guide together for everyone out there who is looking to increase their max bench press. Throughout this website, I have listed a variety of bench press tips that you can apply to your routine.


This website has been split into 4 primary sections:


– Bench press guide reviews, where I evaluate different popular programs available online


– A section on bench press technique, where I cover everything from proper form and grips you can use to increase max bench press. In reality, you only get a few seconds to attempt a max bench press, so you want to take time to practice technique so that you are comfortable when it comes to max day.


– A section on bench press training, covering everything from programs, exercises and other techniques you can use to boost your bench press, break through plateaus, and set new records on the bench.

– A section on bench press injuries, such as bench press shoulder pain. Injuries are often the #1 thing that stands between a lifter and his bench press goals. You can use these strategies to relieve pain, reduce injury risk, and ultimately move more weight by spending more time healthy and less time hurt!

Why Increase Max Bench Press?

Love it or hate it, the bench press is the most popular exercise in ams around the world. People want to know how much you can bench press and your credibility in the gym often hinges on how much you can bench press, also you can use weight benches at home.

The bench press is growing in popularity due to the rising prominence of the NFL combine testing. One of the tests players must perform is a max rep set of 225 pounds. If you are interested in doing well on this test, whether you are trying out for a team (many college teams use this test as well) or just for fun, I put up an article on the 225 bench press that outlines a sample training program for doing well on that test.


Additionally, benching is just plain fun. The only people who do not like bench pressing are the ones that are not very good at it!


If you are one of those people that hates bench pressing or has been stuck at a plateau for a long time, you are in the right place. The programs, exercises, techniques, and tips available on the Increase Max Bench Press website can be used to improve your bench press so you can be proud the next time asks you how much you can bench.


About Increase Max Bench Press


This website lives and breathes bench press. All of the articles, tips, and reviews on this site are all about different ways to increase max bench press.


Personally, I have been bench pressing since age 12 and have loved every minute if it. Currently, I have bench pressed over twice my bodyweight raw (no equipment, bench shirt, belt, or wrist wraps. I am also a lifetime drug-free lifter.


You can take advantage of my experience on Increase Max Bench Press and learn from both my mistakes and successes. Enjoy your time on the site and I am sure what you will find here will lead you to a better bench press!