Bench Press For Sale

When it comes to buying the right bench press for your home gym or facility, there are several important aspects. In this article, I will be going over some very important things to look for in a bench along with recommending the best bench press for sale on the market today!

When getting a bench press for sale, you need to consider what kind of set-up you want. You can use a free or adjustable bench placed inside a squat rack or you can buy a “dedicated” bench press.

For 99% of the people reading this page, you will want a free or adjustable bench press. If you want to do barbell benching, you can place your free bench inside your squat rack and use the squat rack as the place to rack your weight in between sets of benching.

You then have the added flexibility of being able to use your free bench for any type of dumbbell work: bent over rows, dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions, and so on.

Better yet, a high quality adjustable bench press can be used for not just flat benching, but incline benching, military press, and so on. Getting a high-quality adjustable bench will save you a lot of money and offer so much flexibility.

Alternatively, if you are running a facility, have a very large home gym, or are just a really serious bench-presser, you can buy a dedicated bench press. This is a bench press that can only be used for benching. These are better for benching on, but they are very expensive and take up a lot of space, which makes them very impractical for home gyms.

Under no circumstances do you want to buy one of those bench press sets that have the leg extension attachment or other “functionality”. These bench presses by default are all extremely cheap, have uneven conformities, are hard to put together, and are just all around disasters.

With that said, here are things you should look for when buying a bench along with my recommended free and dedicated weight benches.

Free Bench Press

For home gyms and those on a budget, you can get a free bench (relatively light and not anchored down) that you would normally use for dumbbell pressing roll it inside your squat rack to bench press. This results in saving space and money (as you will want at least one dumbbell bench for your gym or facility anyway).

If you buy an adjustable bench, you can also use it for incline barbell pressing and anything else you would use a bench for. The dedicated free bench does not have this flexibility.

When picking a good free bench press for sale, you will need to look at the following factors:

  • Weight Supported: Free benches do not support as much weight as a dedicated bench. A bench that supports 600 pounds or more is solid for an adjustable bench.
  • Width of the bench – Narrow benches are even a bigger problem for adjustable benches. Make sure the bench is 12″ wide or it will feel very narrow.
  • Space between seat and primary surface – All adjustable benches bend at the junction of the “seat” and the large portion where your body lays. Make sure this space is minimal (half inch or less) and does not have any large gaps (due to rounded edges). The smaller the space, the better. A large space makes for a very uncomfortable bench press.
  • Flat surface – Some adjustable benches have oddly shaped sides, bumps, or other features designed for “comfort”. This is not exceptable if you lift remotely heavy weights; make sure the surface is uniform, flat, and the upper portion should be rectangular.

My Recommended Free Benches:

Here are 3 of my recommended free benches: The Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench, The Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench, the EF-7602 Flat Weight Bench by EF Products, and the Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench.

The Iron Master Super Bench is amazing. It is incredibly durable and holds an impressive 1000 pounds of weight, which is very high for an adjustable bench. Also, the seat can be removed from the bench when performing a flat bench press, which makes this very comfortable.

Additionally, it has 11 different height settings, is full width, and is all simply the most durable, sturdy, and functional adjustable bench you will ever find at this price. I think everyone should get the Iron Master Super Bench, but I included a few other cheaper options for recreational lifters who do not plan on training but rather just keeping in shape.

The Apex is a great bench for the price, but for such a low price it only holds 300 pounds. Once you bench more than that (or if you already weigh 200 pounds+) you should not use it. If you are a recreational lifter, it will suit your gym and wallet just fine. One reason I really like this bench is that it is a full width (12″) bench, which is very rare at such a low price. If you ever get too strong for this bench, it makes a perfectly fine bench for dumbbell work at a very low price.

The EF-7602 is a lot like the Apex but twice as durable. It holds 600 pounds and is perfect for nearly every lifter. It is space efficient and full-width. Most serious lifters will need a bench at least this beefy to bench press regularly.

Dedicated Bench Press

A dedicated bench press that is only used for barbell bench press. This bench press for sale is ideal for facilities and true bench press enthusiasts.

If you are looking to get a dedicated bench, there are a few things to investigate:

  • How much weight it supports (do not get a cheap bench; buy an adjustable bench for your rack if you are low on cash). Any bench should be able to support at least 1000 pounds, even if you will never bench that much. Any bench that supports less than that will feel very cheap and unsturdy, even if you are only benching 200 pounds.
  • The width of the bench (standard is 12″). Many benches are not 12″ wide and make the lifter feel uncomfortable when laying on them (you feel like you are going to fall off). Make sure your bench is 12″ wide or forget it.
  • The physical dimensions of the bench. If you have enough space, the bigger the physical dimensions of the bench, the more stable it is likely to be.

My Recommended Dedicated Bench Press

There are two benches I recommend: The Titan Competition Bench by TDS and the Olympic 300 lbs set from Ader.

If you really want to get a stane-alone bench instead of an adjustable bench, you either should be buying for a facility or you might just be a true bench press enthusiast. If this is the case, you want to make sure what you are getting is the best. The Titan Competition Bench is used for bench press competitions, meaning it holds up to even the heaviest loads. At that price, it is a bargain for such a sturdy product.

The Ader Olympic set is a solid bench press as well (tested to 1600 pounds!), and another bargain given that it comes with a full 300 pound plate weight set and a barbell. A barbell and weight set of that caliber would often run $300 in their own right, making this an excellent deal.

The dedicated bench press is definitely the best type of bench press for sale. However, it may not be an option for everyone based on space and budget, as it is an extra cost and can take up a lot of space.

Getting the Most for your Money

When looking for a bench press for sale, do not try to get both a dedicated bench and an adjustable bench if you cannot afford it. Buy a high quailty adjustable bench for use in your squat rack before buying a mediocre dedicated bench and mediocre adjustable bench. The Iron Master Super Bench is the perfect example of this type of bench, and in the long run it will be more than worth the amount of money it costs.

While nothing beats a high-quality dedicated bench, a high-quality adjustable bench placed inside a good squat rack is much better for benching on then a very cheap dedicated bench. Do not waste your money on a cheap dedicated bench; you will regret it.


As a quick wrap-up, here are the key points:

  • Buying an adjustable bench press and putting it in your squat rack is ideal and saves you a lot of money if you are constructing a home gym. This way you can use the bench for dumbbell work as well as benching.
  • A Stand-Alone bench is ideal for facilities and true benching enthusiasts.
  • The Iron Master Super Bench is the best deal for your money.